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eSyM for Patients

What is eSyM?

eSyM is a simple platform located directly in MyChart designed to help you feel your best. 


eSyM features a symptom questionnaire that allows you to report your symptoms to your care team using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Your responses will be added directly into your medical record where your care team can track and react to your symptoms.

What can you do with eSyM?

Report how you are feeling in between clinic visits by answering an eSyM questionnaire

Get tips to help you feel better and manage your symptoms at home

Receive alerts when to contact your care team


View your symptom trends over time

How do you use eSyM?

You will receive an email and/or text message notification reminding you when it is time to complete an eSyM questionnaire.


Each questionnaire takes less than 5 minutes to complete.


You can share your symptoms ~every 3-4 days. Reporting with eSyM frequently allows you to more easily see trends in your symptoms and changes in how you are feeling.

The goal of eSyM is to decrease hospitalizations

eSyM aims to improve symptom management

Increased patient engagement can lead to better patient outcomes, including enhanced quality of life

Symptom monitoring can decrease the need for readmission

Tracking patient symptoms improves communication and efficiency

Why is a program like eSyM important ?

What happens after you complete a questionnaire?

Each time you submit an eSyM questionnaire, your symptoms are added directly into your medical record in real time. This allows your care team to see how you are feeling.

If you report severe symptoms, you will receive an alert recommending that you contact your care team directly for assistance.

At all times, including after you report a mild or moderate symptom, you will have access to a library of tip sheets from the eSyM homepage to help manage your symptoms.

How often is eSyM monitored?

​eSyM is not monitored on weekends or after regular clinic hours.

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please call your care team directly or call 911 for an emergency.

How to get started using eSyM

To get started, you will need to be enrolled in MyChart. If you need assistance with MyChart, please click here or speak to your care team. 

Patients who are eligible for eSyM will be automatically assigned their first questionnaire after beginning a new treatment plan or after being discharged from surgery, which you can access through MyChart.

To access the eSyM homepage and the link to your questionnaires, log-in to your MyChart portal and search for 'eSyM' in the menu tab.

What if I am not interested in using eSyM?

While you are encouraged to use eSyM, eSyM is not required as part of your care.


If you have difficulty with technology or need assistance, a family member or friend can complete the survey for you.

You may also request that your care team remove you from the eSyM program.

Still have questions?

If you have additional questions or would like help using eSyM, please speak to a member of your care team.

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