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What is eSyM?

Welcome to eSyM!

Welcome to eSyM!

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eSyM is a digital health program that allows patients to report on their symptoms electronically via MyChart.



When a patient uses eSyM, their symptom responses are added directly into their medical record, where they can be reviewed by members of their care team.

eSyM can help support patient-clinician communication, optimize the collection of health information , and lead to improved symptom management & quality of life.

Symptom reporting from a phone, tablet, or computer

Tip sheets to help patients feel better


Alerts patients on when to call their care team

Tracks symptom trends to monitor a patient's recovery 

A proactive approach to symptom management 

Features of eSyM

Who is eSyM for?

In order for a patient to be eligible to use eSyM, he/she/they must:

  1. Be a patient at one of the participating Epic institutions

  2. Be starting a new chemotherapy regimen for an eligible malignancy of any type or be having a qualifying surgery

  3. Be enrolled in MyChart

Want to learn more?

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