What is eSyM?

eSyM is a digital health intervention initially focused on three major disease types. 

eSyM may be extended to other populations in the future based on feedback.


In order for a patient to be eligible to use eSyM he/she/they must: 

  1. Be a patient at one of the 6 participating cancer research institutions

  2. Be starting a new chemotherapy regimen for gastrointestinal, gynecological, or thoracic malignancies of any type or have underwent surgery for suspect gastrointestinal, gynecological, or thoracic malignancies of any type

eSyM is found directly in MyChart. Patients must use MyChart to access eSyM.

esym comp.jpg

Symptom reporting from a phone, tablet, or computer

Tips to help patients feel better


Alerts when patients should call their care team

Symptom trends to monitor a patient's recovery 

Proactive not reactive approach to symptom management 

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