For Clinicians

What is eSyM?

  • An electronic patient symptom reporting tool seamlessly integrated with Epic

Why use eSyM?

  • eSyM will help care teams track and react to symptoms, for both individual patients and panels of patients, before they escalate, which may:

    • Improve symptom control and quality of life

    • Prevent ED visits & hospitalizations

    • Improve patients’ experience of care

How to find eSyM responses?

  • eSyM reports are available from your the eSyM dashboard

  • eSyM Smart-phrases quickly pull patient symptom data into a clinical note

Clinician User Guide

How to track individual patients?

  • View a complete list of patients’ reported symptoms in Synopsis or Snapshot

  • Quickly pull symptom data into encounter notes using eSyM Smart-phrases

  • Review patient reported symptom data before clinic visits to make appointments more efficient

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How to track a patient panel?

  • View easy to use and beautifully designed eSyM reports to prioritize patient outreach and manage symptoms