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A new electronic symptom management tool 

for patients in MyChart & for clinicians in Epic Hyperspace

Redefining the way patients manage their symptoms

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eSyM Go-Live Dates

Medical Oncology: MO

Surgical Oncology: SO

Baptist Memorial Hospital

MO: 9/10/2019

SO: April 2022

WVU Cancer Institute 

SO: 10/25/2019

MO: March 2022

Maine Medical Center 

MO: 3/16/2020

SO: October 2021

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton

Cancer Center 

SO: 4/28/2020

MO: September 2021


Cancer Institute 

MO: 9/22/2020

SO: March 2021


Cancer Institute

SO: November 2020

MO: April 2021