For Researchers

What is the goal of eSyM?

  • To reduce hospital/ER admissions within 30 days of beginning a new cancer treatment and/or after surgery 

How will we know if eSyM provides value?

  • Monitor if patients use eSyM

  • Track patient outcomes including readmission rates and ED visits 

  • Ask all stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, and support staff, for feedback about eSyM and possible enhancements  

Which collaborators are involved in the development of eSyM?

  • eSyM has been designed and developed by the SIMPRO consortium in partnership with Epic

  • Funding for eSyM is through an National Cancer Institute Cancer Moonshot award

  • eSyM is also being developed in collaboration with IMPACT consortium

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What is the SIMPRO consortium?

  • A multi-disciplinary team of investigators from 6 health systems have formed the SIMPRO Research Center, Symptom Management IMplementation of Patient Reported Outcomes in Oncology 

  • SIMPRO used functioning ePRO prototypes to create and refine eSyM