For Patients

What is eSyM?

  • A simple platform located directly in MyChart that allows you to report symptoms to your care team using your smartphone, tablet, or computer

  • A way to help patients who recently started chemotherapy or underwent surgery feel better

What can you do with eSyM?

  • Report how you are feeling in between clinic visits by answering an eSyM questionnaire

  • Get tips to help you feel better

  • View your symptom trends over time

  • Receive alerts when to contact your care team

How do you use eSyM?

  • You will receive an email and/or text message notification reminding when it is time to complete an eSyM questionnaire

  • Each questionnaire takes less than 5 minutes to complete

  • A family member or friend can complete the survey for you

What happens after you complete a questionnaire?

  • If you report mild or moderate symptoms, you will receive tips to help manage your symptoms

  • If you report severe symptoms, you will receive an alert recommending that you contact your care team

Who can see my results?

  • Members of your care team

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Patient User Guide

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How do you get started?

  • You MUST be enrolled in MyChart to use eSyM, click here to learn how to sign up for MyChart at your organization